Mary Worth Crosses Paths With…


While Mary’s in New York City visiting friends, she shares a cab with Heloise, the daughter of THE PHANTOM!

Mary’s in the city to see her friend Olive.  Heloise is in the city to check out The Briarson School as a prospective student.  Their paths magically cross, like comic strip ships in the night.

Notice the amulet that Heloise wears around her neck.  It’s The Phantom’s mark of protection.

In “Mary Worth”:

MWC20151104-(2) copyMeanwhile in a parallel universe…


The worlds of Mary and of The Phantom are existing in parallel universes for a brief amount of time!  Cue “The Twilight Zone” music!


4 thoughts on “Mary Worth Crosses Paths With…

  1. As a longtime fan, I was super excited to see this crossover!

    Why the Phantom? Any other crossovers planned for the future?

    • Thanks, Pat. The Phantom cartoonists and I are friends, and we thought it’d be a fun thing to do. This is a brief crossover. In the future there’ll be more for sure. Best wishes, Karen

    • The only way to top this would be to have Spidey meet Judge Parker. Perhaps via DD’s alter-ego, Matt Murdock (attorney-at-law)?

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