Everything But His Faith


This week Mary and Olive encounter a homeless man who is holding a sign that says, “Lost Everything But My Faith.”  I was inspired to write this after seeing a homeless man on the street who held up a sign with those words.

Perhaps you have encountered a homeless person and felt the same tug that Mary and Olive did when they saw him.  Perhaps you were compelled to help.  Help can come in the form of a kind word, an offering of food, or an article of clothing…not just money.

MaryWorthdaily1516The next time you feel that tug, consider if you have something to give.


2 thoughts on “Everything But His Faith

  1. Hi Karen,

    Was it you intention to make Ed and Evy Taylor the worst parents in the world? They just seem to be oblivious to Olive’s needs and way too focused on slipping away to Tee-Hee with each other.

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