June Brigman Will Draw “Mary Worth” Sundays!



Artist June Brigman will draw “Mary Worth” Sundays starting with today’s strip!

June Brigman has enjoyed a long and varied career as a cartoonist, drawing such comic book titles as Alpha Flight, Supergirl, and Star Wars. She is the co-creator (with Louise Simonson) of the Power Pack series from Marvel Comics, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Assisted by her husband inker/colorist Roy Richardson, she also illustrated the Brenda Starr comic strip for 15 years, and has drawn many educational comics, as well as doing freelance illustrations for Horse & Rider magazine. June teaches part time in the Sequential Art Dept. at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta branch.

Her online portfolio can be seen at www.ArtWanted.com/juneart.




22 thoughts on “June Brigman Will Draw “Mary Worth” Sundays!

  1. today’s drawings are terrific. I would hope that you continue. I don’t understand the Sunday vs the rest of the week’s drawings..we shall see.

  2. No…your version of Mary is a disappointment….she has a completely different face and hairdo….I strongly prefer the more attractive, vibrant, warm Mary that I’ve loved for decades….please leave her alone…

  3. What happened? Hope the previous illustrator is okay. Things change, but I thought she looked more chic before. Her surroundings look a bit frumpy compared to before, but I realize every artist interprets a character’s looks and environment differently. That’s okay, I guess, and it will be interesting to see how things evolve for Mary Worth and the others.

  4. Hi June,
    It seems you’ve taken the peace and serenity out of Mary’s face and replaced this with a stressful and more aged appearance. Is this intentional?
    Best regards,

  5. Fantastic! The Sunday strips are looking gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see how other familiar characters and places look in coming weeks. My only quibble is that Mary Worth herself no longer looks like someone you’d confide in or accept advice from. It’s cool to make her look older, but she should have a sweeter look!

  6. The new Mary looks too old. Why change her appearance so drastically while the other characters look much the same as they did? Bring back the gracefully aging Mary, the one readers have known for years. This one is too frumpy, and that does not connect with the active senior Mary Worth is.

  7. Please return Mary’s face to the friendly face it has always been. The new face does not look like the kind face that you would confide in. This is just to drastic of a change. Several of us were talking about it and all agree the change in looks was not for the best. Sorry.

  8. The change in the portrayal of Mary Worth is so different that it’s ridiculous! Bring back the plump cheeked Mary Worth and not the wizened faced Sunday Mary Worth pul—eeeze!

  9. Mary does not even look like the same person! Nor does Dawn. I actually had to look at the title to be sure I was reading Mary Worth. The “new” Mary drawn, haggard and so tired around the eyes, thin-lipped and deeply furrowed. Not an approachable face at all. Has Dawn reverted to a teenager with choker beads? Hardly familiar faces.

  10. Hey June, you are obviously an accomplished artist…
    why don’t you get together with the person who draws the daily strip and see if you can get your version to look like the real Mary Worth.

  11. I find the new drawings of Mary Worth to be very out of character for the warm kind person she always was. They are rather harsh. I would recommend going back to the more mellow mood it once was. These drawings almost make me not want to read a comic strip I have been reading and enjoying for decades!

  12. Mary now looks more like the new artist, June Brigman, than Mary. Reflecting artistic individualism is nice, but it also takes talent to maintain a character’s appearance. Which, in my opinion, is preferred. At least for the daily readers.

  13. Looked at the new Mary Worth today. Stopped reading the comic because I did not like the new face. But today I notiiced an improvement in her face and hair, I kind of lime it. She has color and nice features and hair style is becoming. No longer looks old and haggard as was with the initial change. Thinking I may start reading the comic again.

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