Mary Worth
Mary WorthBorn “about 60-something years ago” in Jennings, OH, Mary is a graduate of Denison University, a former teacher and the widow of John “Jack” Worth, a Wall Street wizard who left a sensible portfolio providing her with a comfortable if not generous income. Although she once lived in New York City, Mary now makes her home in Santa Royale where she is an active volunteer at the local hospital. Thanks to her long occupancy, neighbors consider Mary the “unofficial manager” of The Charterstone Condominium Complex.

Victoria “Toby” Cameron
Victoria "Toby" CameronMary’s close friend and neighbor at Charterstone. Toby is the “thirty-something” second wife of Professor Ian Cameron. Although she is an accomplished artist specializing in miniatures, Toby likes to spend many of her hours at Mary’s kitchen table, sipping coffee and discussing neighborhood gossip.


Ian Cameron, Ph.D.
Ian Cameron, Ph.D.Professor of English literature and creative writing at University of California at Santa Royale. Beneath the bluster and pomposity, this Scottish-born victim of “The Hemingway Complex” is a gentle teddy bear. Ian is the neighborhood “greeter” and, by his own modest admission, the resident expert on everything.


Jefferson Cory, M.D.
Jefferson Cory, M.D.Jeff hopes (perhaps in vain) to become Mary’s “significant other” on a permanent basis. The widowed former chief of staff of the local hospital describes himself as semi-retired but continues to occasionally assist his physician children, daughter Adrian and son Drew. After returning from a charity work stint in Vietnam, he has become active in fundraising for overseas medical endeavors.


Wilbur Weston
Wilbur WestonMary’s friend and neighbor Wilbur is a divorced syndicated columnist and a sympathetic father to college student Dawn. His mild-mannered and sometimes befuddled ways belie a thoughtful and loyal persona.



Dawn Weston
Dawn WestonA college student at the local university, Dawn lives with her father Wilbur at Charterstone. Having endured weight issues and bullying at her former school in Connecticut, she successfully moved on to a new life in Santa Royale that has seen her through several rocky romantic escapades.