May-December is the Best Time of the Year…


Iris and Zak are in a nontraditional relationship.  Some observers approve, others do not.  But public opinion doesn’t faze them.  They’re in the throes of a fulfilling romance.

In the Sunday December 17 “Mary Worth” strip, Mary makes a reference to the President of France and his wife who are also in a May-December relationship (see photo above). France’s current First Lady Brigitte Macron is more than 20 years older than her husband, President Emmanuel Macron.  Women of a certain age are often maligned, especially when they are in a relationship with a younger man.  Predatory terms such as “cougar” are thrown at them. Vogue Magazine refers to a more positive term for them coined by writer Bibi Lynch:  “WHIPs”, or “women who are hot, intelligent, and in their prime.” You can read more about it HERE.