“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” – Voltaire


Q – In the “Aldo Kelrast” story, his last name is an anagram for “stalker.”  Where did you get the idea?

A – From Mia Farrow’s Scrabble scene in “Rosemary’s Baby.”  What a killer movie.

Q – Why does Dawn wear purple so often?

A – Sometimes characters have signature colors.  It’s a favorite color of hers, but sometimes she wears the blues.

Q – Is Mary ever going to marry Jeff?

A – Maybe.  She’s held off for a long time, but who hasn’t known couples who dated forever and then finally tied the knot?  On the other hand, as much as Mary likes Jeff, she also likes her independent lifestyle.

Q – Mary fostered a dog once.  They got along well.  I’d like to see her get one permanently.

A – Jeff’s allergic.  She’d probably have to choose between Jeff or the dog.  Don’t ask who would win.

Q – If Mary’s a great cook, why doesn’t she open up her own catering business like Blondie?

A – She’s busy semi-managing Charterstone, advising neighbors and friends, gardening and cooking, volunteering at the hospital, and writing Wilbur’s advice column whenever he takes a break from it.  Besides, she wouldn’t want to encroach on Blondie’s territory.  They’re friends.

Q – Are Dawn and Jim dating or just friends?

A – They’re just friends, although he’d like it to be more.  She’s young and exploring life right now.

Q – Now that Jeff’s daughter Adrian and her husband Scott are married, are they going to have kids?

A – Maybe later.

Q – You dedicated your book to the late Jay Kennedy.  Who was he?

A – The late great Jay Kennedy was the man who gave me the job of writing Mary Worth.  He was my employer, my teacher, my editor, and my friend.  He has my eternal gratitude.

Q – A few months ago, I thought I recognized a Pearl Jam lyric in a strip where Jeff says, “I miss you already.  I miss you always.”  Was that deliberate?

A – Yes, everyone could use some Eddie Vedder in their life.  Don’t it make you smile?


Pearl Jam’s Smile


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