8 thoughts on “A Talk with the New Team Mary!

    • Hi Maria – Sometimes when a new artist starts in on a strip, it takes a little while to get the character’s look just right. We hope you’ll stick with Mary. Thanks, Karen

  1. New Mary is horrible-looking….go back to sweet grandmotherly Mary! This hard-looking woman is not the Mary we have known & loved. Terrible illustration, not even close!

  2. I, too, am having a very hard time with the sad sick look of my “friend”, Mary Worth. I wish that you artists would spend
    some time READING old stories that we have all read and “getting the feel” of WHO Mary IS!!! This sick drawing of
    her on 8/25 is H O R R I D. PLEASE spend some time
    LOOKING at and studying the character of Mary and come to love her as we do before you “characterize” her in such a perfunctory way. WHY you draw her this way is BECAUSE
    you don’t KNOW her!!!! THIS column is the first
    and only one I read in our local paper because I have such respect for Mary and WHO she IS!!! PLEASE “get her under your skin” before you try to depict her in a drawing!!!

  3. New Mary is going to cost you a lot of fans. I’m 71 yrs old and have reading M W for a long time. New Mary is horrible. Going to take more than time to become acustomed to the change.

  4. Why can’t the new artist keep Mary looking reasonably the same? Doesn’t that reflect artistic talent, as preferred to artistic individualism? The current Mary appearance (youthful, model like) bears no resemblance to Mary. It is not

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