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Too good to be true?

Someone who read the book, “Searching and Others Stories of Mary Worth” made a recent comment that the stories have “endings too good to be true.”  To that I say this.  Why do you read fiction?  When I read fiction, I like to be entertained and also shown some light and hope.  Otherwise, I read the news.  I like to read and write stories that have a premise based in real life, and have an outcome that is either ideal or that offers a glimmer of hope.  Sometimes the premise is bleak enough as it is, mirroring the darker side of real life.  Do people really want to read an equally bleak outcome?

A Second Mary Worth Book Is On Sale Now!


Brand new!

This book contains four popular stories involving Mary and her friends with the theme of SEARCHING for someone…or something!

Mary Goes to Vietnam: When Mary doesn’t hear from Jeff who is on a humanitarian mission overseas, she takes matters into her own hands and travels to Vietnam to search for him!


Gina Looks For Bobby:  Mary befriends a local waitress who’s having trouble getting over a former love from her distant past.  When Mary advises Gina to look for him, what she finds is more than she ever dreamed of!

A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

When I write a Mary script, I set up a scene with as much description as I can for Joe.

Here’s an example of a Sunday script:


1. New clothes.  It’s two days after they tried the wider course of antibiotics.  Mary has fallen asleep while sitting in a chair next to Jeff’s bed.  He’s sleeping too.

Question From a Fan

Marsha Mattingly sent in the following:

I don’t know if you can help me, but my father told me he picked my name from a Mary Worth comic strip and I was trying to find the strip that had my name on it. It would be around 1954 or 1953.”

Hi Marsha. Here are some strips from a 1954 storyline involving the character Marsha Devore. I love the fact that your father named you after a Mary Worth character! Thanks for writing.

64 Years Ago


Mary looked quite different several decades ago.  She resembled a pleasantly plump version of Aunt May from the “Spider-Man” strip more than the sleek active Jessica Fletcher from “Murder She Wrote” that we see today.

But however her look may have changed, her romantic escapades and desire to help others have not.  Those things continue on in steady fashion as Mary is as she always was.  A compassionate, wise, senior widow with a penchant to do good in an ever-changing world.

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