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Mary Sightings and Mentions

Mary has appeared in and has been mentioned in other comic strips over the years.  It’s always fun to see her pop up in these instances!

In MOTHER GOOSE & GRIMM, Mike Peters did a series of gags about Mary having dalliances with men in other continuity strips.

There was REX MORGAN:





Reader Tip

Nancy Campbell sent in the following great suggestion:

“I read your comic strip daily in the SLC Deseret News. Just thought I’d give a suggestion for Tommy. It has worked for my sons looking for first time jobs.
Offer your services to work “free” for two weeks to prove your work ethic and dependability. My oldest son did just this at an Orem Utah J.C. Penney store. He got the job and had the store’s highest sales in the shoe dept. as their salesmen during his college years.

Poetry From Prison – A Unique Perspective

Tommy wants to avoid returning to prison.


April is National Poetry Month.  To reflect on Tommy, an ex-con who’s featured in the current story., here’s a poem from the book, “How to Survive A Bullet to the Heart” –  a collection of poetry by maximum security prison inmates, compiled by John Wareham.

“More to It” by Rudy Bisnauth

Mary Likes to Garden


Mary’s one of those people with a green thumb.  Maybe you are too.  If you are, or if you know someone who is, you may be interested in this charming tee that features Mary as she’s gardening.


You can purchase it here.


“A garden is a grand teacher.  It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.” – Gertrude Jekyll

Mary’s Known As a Great Cook

Mary’s known by her friends not only as a great adviser, but also a great cook.  Friends often sit at her dining table and share the wonderful creations she makes in her kitchen.  What better way to break open a person’s psyche than by breaking bread with them?


Eating together is a big part of dating.  Although she likes to cook, sometimes Mary likes to  eat out with Jeff at The Bum Boat seafood restaurant.

Mary Likes Dogs

I like dogs and so does Joe.  A few years ago I wrote a story about Mary temporarily fostering a beagle named Chester.


I asked Joe to draw a dog resembling an owner in this scene.  Notice how he gave them the same long hair and gentle disposition.


In addition to providing exercise during walks, dogs generally promote a person’s well-being and good feelings.

Writing Mary Worth

Hi.  This is Karen Moy, writer of Mary Worth.  Welcome to the Mary Worth site.

When I tell people that I write Mary Worth, sometimes I’m asked how I do it. The answer, to quote Edison is, “One per cent inspiration, and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.”  The truth is it’s hard work.  It’s gratifying and wonderful, but it’s also time-sensitive, deadline- oriented, and 50% dependent on the artist I’m working with. Thankfully, I’m working with a great artist, the legendary Joe Giella.  It also helps that I love reading and telling a good story.

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