A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

When I write a Mary script, I set up a scene with as much description as I can for Joe.

Here’s an example of a Sunday script:


1. New clothes.  It’s two days after they tried the wider course of antibiotics.  Mary has fallen asleep while sitting in a chair next to Jeff’s bed.  He’s sleeping too.

Writing Mary Worth

Hi.  This is Karen Moy, writer of Mary Worth.  Welcome to the Mary Worth site.

When I tell people that I write Mary Worth, sometimes I’m asked how I do it. The answer, to quote Edison is, “One per cent inspiration, and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.”  The truth is it’s hard work.  It’s gratifying and wonderful, but it’s also time-sensitive, deadline- oriented, and 50% dependent on the artist I’m working with. Thankfully, I’m working with a great artist, the legendary Joe Giella.  It also helps that I love reading and telling a good story.